about us

Get to know our team!

Oceanside Realty is a leading independent Boutique Agency offering exceptional Sales and Property Management services located in the northern suburbs of Perth’s coastal region.

Our independence makes us different because it enables us to adapt quickly where we can see that change is required…and our philosophy is very simple - we listen to our clients:

We like to know what they are thinking …and so we simply ask them!

Oceanside is a team, and over the years, we have realized that the team we put together is so important….so great care has been taken to get the best team possible, that not only support each other, but ultimately support our clients. We know we are bias, but we think our team is wonderful!

Our Property Managers

Have their fingers on the pulse to maximize your rent-returns and minimize vacancy rates. Specialized-training makes them highly efficient and effective, as well as being the all-important skillful communication-link between Landlord and tenant.

Our Sales Agents

Have the experience and skills to negotiate the best price a buyer is willing to pay. They build relationships within their specialized localities to ensure that their knowledge is second-to-none, and are constantly keeping up-to-date with the market. Their priority is to support their sellers through one of the most important and stressful events in their life, by sharing their expert knowledge not only to gain the best results, but by caring enough to support them through each stage of the process.

Our office staff

Are all multi-skilled, with everyone having had years-worth of experience in multiple areas of a working real estate office. This gives us flexibility to adapt where needed and ensure that we have always got it covered! They really are a close-knit caring team and extremely efficient, and so they ensure that all areas of our office, and ultimately our clients’ property experiences with us, run as smoothly as possible.

Our Independent In-House Finance Consultant

Is an added bonus for our clients. Marcus is highly experienced, and through his expert knowledge and advice, our clients can learn about all of their options that will help them make the most informed decisions. Being prepared and pre-approved can put them in a very strong buying-position, so that they can ultimately buy that property they’ve fallen in love with!