Tenant Information

Renting for the first time can be a little intimidating, so we have made a list of helpful information and get you into your rental!
  • Do Your Research – Before applying for a rental property, it is important that you do your research! Obtain as much information as you can on the area and property you are searching for. Use the internet to seek available rentals, and also ring local Agencies to let them know what you are looking for to see if they have anything available that meets your requirements.
  • Once you find a property that you like, it is always best to have a drive by first. This will ensure that you get a feel for the street / neighbourhood and see what the house looks like in person, if the property meets your requirements – ring the agency to put your name and number down for a viewing.
    Know Your Limit – Always best to work out how much you can afford to pay in rent before you start looking at properties. This will ensure that you are only viewings in your price range.
  • Attend The Viewings! – It sounds obvious, but you need to attend the viewing! By law you are required to view a rental property before applying. If you are unable to attend the viewing it’s best to let the relevant Property Manager know in case there is a second viewing.
  • Be Prepared – It’s always advisable to be prepared and organised. With any application, you will need to include identification for each applicant, along with a proof of income. You will also need to pay an option fee of one weeks rent. Having the documentation ready to go will speed up your application process and may give you a head start against the other applicants.
  • Filling Out The Application – When filling out a rental application be sure that you go through each page thoroughly to ensure that each required section has been filled out correctly by each applicant. If you are unsure of any section on the application, you can always call the relevant agency to help you through it. Each applicant is required to provide at least 3 forms of ID and a proof of income upon application.