Selling Tips

Selling your Property can be a stressful time.
Here are some helpful tips that can help you through the process. 
  • Choose the right Agent for you! – Ensure you choose an agent that has experience in your area. Ask to view previous sales and feel free to ask about testimonials from previous clients. Always follow your instincts when choosing a Sales Rep, someone you feel comfortable with and can trust will put your mind at ease by knowing the sale of your property is in good hands.
  • Add Some Light! – One of the best ways to improve the atmosphere of a home is light! Open all blinds and turn on any lights that will help brighten up those dark areas, do this before perspective Buyer’s enter to show off the home’s full potential
  • Small Repairs Make A Big Difference – Carry out any minor maintenance issues such as chips on the wall, leaking taps or broken door knobs. Street appeal is most important, many buyers judge a property from that alone and doing this may help the sale of your home.
  • Take Your Agent’s Advise – Ask your agent how you can give your home the best possible result on the market. Whether it be de-cluttering, tidying up the gardens or giving those walls a fresh coat of paint, all of this can help contribute to receiving the best possible result on the market
  • Smell Is Everything! – The smell of stale air will surely send prospective Buyers away! Open any windows to let some fresh air through and add some air fresheners throughout to give your home a fresh, pleasant smell. A good way to enhance the Buyer’s sense of smell is by baking a cake, or presenting some freshly brewed coffee.
  • Trust Your Agent – Trust your Agent’s abilities to represent your home and try not to “help them out” too much. Your agent knows the buyer’s requirements and will do their best to fulfil this by emphasising certain qualities of your home.