Buyers Agent

 “As Buyer’s Agents, We represent the best interest of the buyer” 

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The Buyer (client) makes the final decision and we make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

All client information is strictly confidential.

By using a Buyer’s Agent you will not waste valuable time going from home open to home open and viewing properties that are totally unsuitable.

You also eliminate the stress of negotiating and all the other formalities that need to be adhered to and almost definitely save thousands of dollars!

· These properties could be listed with a number of selling agents.

· We will contact these agents and request a viewing.

· There will be no conjunction fee between ourselves and the selling agent.

· We work for the buyers and have their interests at heart.

· The sellers are informed of our participation and are aware that we do not get paid from their selling fee.

· We will negotiate on behalf of the buyers and ensure that a market related price is obtained.

· Once the offer has been presented and accepted, we will assist in the processes that follow – i.e. Building inspections, pest inspections and pre-settlement inspections.

The Buyer (client) makes the final decision and we make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.